Twenty years ago, “Not Tonight (Remix),” the classic female rap anthem from Lil Kim, Missy Elliott, Left Eye, Da Brat, and Angie Martinez (affectionately dubbed “Ladies’ Night” by fans), was released. It was a song that spoke volumes of female strength and empowerment in a male-dominated music industry. And it proved that female emcees had a place in the music industry and helped gain them the respect they rightfully deserved.

But over the years, women in hip-hop have turned to each other to compete rather than unite for a greater purpose. Female rap collaborations have decreased and with all the current beef and lack of female companionship, a remake of the classic “Ladies’ Night” could make room for the positivity that we’ve all been waiting for. And it’d no doubt be a hit.

Recently, Lil Kim teased fans at a concert by saying a rework of the track was a possibility with Remy Ma and Cardi B. She told fans, “Cardi B, that’s my baby! Remy, bitch, I f–king love your ass. That’s my baby. Maybe y’all might see something in the future. How ’bout that? Another ‘Ladies’ Night.’ We might be due for that.”

If not, the track may go down in history as the only all-female rap collaboration track. When speaking to Shade 45, Lil Kim expressed that fear saying, “There are so many girls but the platform is not there for this one to do a record with this one and for this to be a big collaboration. There’s nobody doing that. When there was ‘Ladies Night,’ there was Kim, Missy, Left Eye, Angie Martinez. That’s still one of the most amazing and best records, classic, of all time, but all females. I’m afraid to think we may never have another record like that.”

And when talking to Billboard, Lil Kim mentioned how the song was such a big hit back in the day, it got her a Grammy nomination.

She said, “I would like to have something like that on my new album. Even if I just did records separately with different females, it’s still the unity. I was looking at the footage of me, Cardi, and Remy all up there on that stage, and everybody did they thing, everybody held they own. I’m also in the business side of things. I also stepped my game up from when I was a kid in the game and I was not really business-minded. I just was told what to do, so now I’m putting business moves together.”

Another all-female track could bring change to the music industry, be a great business move and result in some serious check cashing and, with a mix of unique styles, is bound to give us classic rhymes we can’t wait to put as Instagram captions. With all the anticipation bubbling up, all that’s left to do is wait and see.