Long Island, N.Y. You definitely wouldn’t expect Baldwin, a mostly quiet sub-division of L.I., to be this lit. In the parking lot of little strip mall, Busta Rhymes is playing car salesman as he does a roll-call of all the exotic street toys parked by each other. They are the real eye candy of a new video Bus’ is appearing in.

“Look at this shit! You got the current year Maybach at your disposal,” Bus’ said with his signature lovable growl. “I’m talking about the current year. We not talking about the shit last year or the year before that. Current! We gon’ Moonwalk and James Brown slide over here. You got the current Rolls Royce. It’s called the Wraith. Sit inside, you might be able to look and see your favorite star in the sky. We have the current Lamborghini. Everything is ‘current’ before the last name. Current Maybach, current Wraith, current Rolls Royce. This is the muthaf–kin’ Maserati truck in case you need to be clear. Everything is foreign!”

“Everything Foreign” wasn’t just the vibe and mantra of the day, but it’s the chorus of the song for which the video is being shot. Bus’ is on set supporting his childhood friend’s Special ENT, aka International Special’s, new record “Foreign.” Benny Boom is the video’s director.

“Let me just let y’all understand something,” Special says with a grin standing in between the cars with Busta and their friends. “Ain’t shit here rented, ain’t shit here borrowed. Ain’t shit here fake. Ain’t no frontin’ here. This is my word on everything I love. If I’m lyin, I’m dying. Let me just give y’all a heads-up and only REVOLT got this story: I did a record called ‘Foreign.’ One of my guys helped me write the record. Two hours later, Funkmaster Flex dropped bombs on it. A week later, New York City radio was going crazy with it. Two weeks later, I was in offices for meetings. Three weeks later, I’m signed to Sony. Niggas was like, ‘How did he do it?’ I said, ‘You shouldn’t even have to ask that ’cause at the end of the day, real niggas is winning.’ I’m asking you fake niggas, how you doing it?”

“Foreign” is Special’s debut song and the video should be out later this week. After decades of watching his friends such as Busta, Jay Z, Nas, Diddy and most recently Young Thug make music, Special finally decided to give it a shot in the recording booth. He surprised everyone, including himself when he came out with a hot song. Special is also featured in the new Tupac biopic All Eyez On Me and has been featured on the New York installment of “Love And Hip-Hop” as well as “Being Stevie J.”

“I am comfortable with saying ‘welcome to the game’ officially on this rap shit,” Busta proudly said to Spec before they started filming. “My bro got his label Special ENT/Brooklinites/Sony. This is such a proud moment for me. I just gotta make sure the introduction is done with taste, class, excellence, and tremendous salute. I love you my brother. Welcome to the sport, the official way.”