Hot off collaborations with Nottz (Titans in the Flesh EP) and Madlib (Bad Neighbor LP), SoCal ambassador Blu has teamed up with the Paris-based production duo Union Analogtronics (comprised of OJ and Gold) to unleash a new full length album: Cheetah in the City.

The album signifies a stylistic sea change for Blu, best known for his dusty, soul-sampling collaborations with Exile (Below the Heavens) and his own introspective opuses (Her Favorite Colour, Good to be Home, York!). Rippling with 808s and cinematic strings, Cheetah in the City is an organic evolution from the synth-soaked, futuristic sound of Analogtronics.

After mutual friends put them in touch at a Parisian post-show after-party, Blu and Union began a musical exchange that spanned continents. Blu returned to Los Angeles with Union’s best beats and, after months of exchanging lyrical ideas, the trio re-grouped for marathon recording sessions in Union’s Paris-based studio. Cloistered for weeks with nothing but drum machines, instruments, keyboards, records, and France’s best bud, Blu became obsessed with infusing his kicked-back Southern California sensibilities into Union’s penchant for pushing the possibilities of technicality into multilayered, densely-packed productions.

Get to know Blu & Union in their own words:

My sound in five words or less: Electronic, organic, & deep

Best part of making this video: Going to Venice Beach! Because we don’t have places like that in France, where you can find street art and 90’s vibes near the beach.

What inspires your art: Mostly electronic, soul, & jazz-funk music. The fusion between the old analog gear and the “new school” way of hip hop music.

Explain the concept of the song in one sentence: Whatever you do, you can have anything you need!

Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat?: We prefer Instagram because we like that you can see our daily lives in an artistic way. We are @Unionanalogtronics

Favorite emoji: Eyeballs


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