You never know what you’re going to get when beloved comedian and actor Mike Epps sits down for an interview. Just prepare to laugh and be shocked by his candor.

In this Thursday’s episode of “Drink Champs” (11 p.m. ET on REVOLT TV), you’ll see over an hour of glorious conversation between Epps and hosts N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN as they talk everything from movies, music to muses and drugs.

Revealing the inspiration behind his hilarious character in Redman and Method Man’s cult classic How High, Epps said, “I was ‘Baby Powder, The Pimp.’” He continued, “‘Baby Powder’ would put talcum powder on his hands before he slapped people in the face. I knew a real pimp. He used cocaine in his hand though. He’s from Milwaukee.”

The Indianapolis “Naptown” native also talked about his own narcotics use.

“I’ve been all types of high,” Epps admitted. “I’m one of them real artists, like, I done did a little bit of everything on the drug side because, honestly, I think some of your greatest artists, if they wasn’t high, you wouldn’t have got the best out of them. F–k it. I’m one of them real ni–as. I know how to go and get high a little bit then leave it alone.”

Epps even put his longtime friend, fellow comedian, and frequent co-star Michael Blackson on blast.

“All this time, I thought this ni–a African; that ni–a from Philly,” Epps laughed. “All this time, he’s like ‘you mutha-suckas.’ I get around him and his momma, he’s like ‘Momma, you want me to take the trash out?’ I was like, what the f–k? This ni–a is a real ni–a from Philly.”

No stone will be left unturned this week on “Drink Champs.” Catch the episode Thursday at 11 p.m. ET on REVOLT TV.