With less than two weeks until Big Sean drops his fourth LP I Decided, fans have already gotten a feel for the album having heard the promotional “No More Interviews,” lead single “Bounce Back,” “thank you” gift for fans “Living Single,” and follow-up album cuts “Moves” and “Halfway Off the Balcony.” But when he took to the Saturday Night Live stage this past weekend, Sean debuted an entirely new tune: “Sunday Morning Jetpack.”

The rapper has already described the track to Radio 1’s Zane Lowe, explaining that The-Dream is featured on it, but that Kanye West, despite not delivering a verse himself, helped make changes to it. And with its sparse piano, orchestral strings, and story-telling lyrics both spiritual and introspective, you can certainly hear ‘Ye’s influence. Seemingly an ode to his grandparents, Sean details his upbringing, faith, and gratitude.

“This feel like the family dinners that we used to have on Sunday / With Grandma in the kitchen making rum cake / Or this spread she used to do for Thanksgiving, man / This feels like the first time I heard Killa Cam / Pink Timbs, in the Lamb’ / Mixing it in with Dilla and / Headphones to the ceiling fan / Bucket hat like Gilligan, yeah / Lately I’ve been talking to ghosts / Didn’t learn faith in school but that’s what I’m testing the most.”