Gracy Hopkins celebrates his 20th birthday and brings a burst a fresh air to hip-hop with his new EP Atychiphobia: The Higher Hi. This multi-faceted artist pulls inspiration from his Angolese, Brazilian and Parisian roots, allowing him to “[transcend] musical and linguistic boundaries with a slick mix of anglophone rhymes and french expressions.”

His latest project not only showcases his skill with words, but also displays his aptitude for constructing beats. Most of the tracks were produced under Hopkins’ alter ego Kaisy Jay, but other producers who helped create the project include: Earnotik, Eazy Dew, Lou Berry, Some-1ne, La Soülchyld, Pink Flamingo and Malia Lynn.

Within Atychiphobia: The Higher Hi listeners are introduced to a fictitious character Grizzly. With each track, he uncovers his deepest thoughts, his plans for the future and his fears. It is here that the listener can play the part of therapist and concentrate on Grizzly’s words as he accepts therapy with an open mind and expresses his thoughts on fears being a positive force.

Take a look at the paired short movie and 7-track EP below: