Master P resurfaced on everyone’s radar late last year with his standout narrative on Solange’s A Seat At The Table album. Little did we know he was only setting us up for what’s to come this year: sports, liquor, movies and, of course, more music.

REVOLT sat down with the self-made New Orleans mogul for an interview where he admitted, “We got a second wind. We made history already and we about to do it again, twice!”

He kicked off the new year with the release of NO LIMIT BOYS (January 6), a 21-track album from the collective featuring the Ice Cream Man himself, Moe Roy, Ace B, Marqus CLAE, Lambo, King Roy, Nano, JSlugg, BlaqNmilD, Popeye, and Gangsta. Stand-out tracks include “Slow Down” and “Stay To Myself” (listen below).

Joining Master P for his interview was his newest signee or, as he’s coined him, his “four-leaf clover,” Marqus CLAE (who later explained the acronym to mean “Creating Legacy All Day Everyday”). In P’s eyes, the 17-year old could be the “next Kendrick Lamar or J. Cole.” Master P said, “He’s been around and understands the work ethic and business.”

Hailing from Houston, CLAE has been rapping since the age of seven and connected with Lupe Fiasco, who he credits to being a big piece to his success, in the prime of his career. Now with Master P, CLAE released The Ghetto Poet (January 9), produced by BlaqNmilD. According to the young protégé, it’s a project about struggle, pain and reaching your dreams. Listen below.

Also, be sure to catch Marqus CLAE when he makes his acting debut this February on FOX’s Shots Fired alongside Sanaa Lathan, Tristan Wilds, Richard Dreyfuss, and Helen Hunt.