She delivered her final address, had her final party at the White House, and now Michelle Obama has made her final appearance as the First Lady on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. And she didn’t disappoint.

On last night’s episode, our favorite FLOTUS surprised fans as they recorded “goodbyes” to her; played Catchphrase with the host, Dave Chappelle, and a tuxedo’d Jerry Seinfeld; got serenaded by Stevie Wonder; wrote “Thank You Notes” with Fallon; talked memories of and plans for after living in the White House, and more. Watch all the clips below.

First Lady Michelle Obama comes out from behind a curtain to surprise regular Americans asked to record a video message to her. There’s crying, screeching screams, hyperventilating, job requests, hugs, and more.

To a fan: “Do you do this for a living, speak about me?”

“This was not what I was expecting. I was eating pizza…in my bed and now I’m meeting the First Lady!”

FLOTUS and Fallon beat the comedic duo in Catchphrase and we get to watch her do The Robot, make fun of her husband’s jeans, and trash-talk (“Don’t celebrate too much!”).

To Jimmy after he gives a very obvious clue for the word ‘Beyonce’: “It took you that long?!”

Michelle writes ‘Thank You Notes’ to her husband’s hair, Inauguration Day, and her “Reach Higher” initiative. She also tries to steal Jimmy’s seat, winks at and tries to recruit The Roots, calls Barack her “boo,” and fields an unexpected request to run for President.

On her husband’s “dad jeans”: “They’re gone!”

The First Lady gives thanks to her mother and goes through old, iconic photos of her and Barack, giving memories along the way—while also making fun of her husband’s ears.

On a photo of her and Barack at the first inauguration: “It was the oath, it was a parade, it was below-zero, we had ten balls. Alright, ladies: heels, a long dress, ball after ball. This is probably the seventh ball. I was like, ‘Are you kidding me, dude?’”

FLOTUS talks meeting a spandex-wearing Jimmy Fallon for the first time, her recent emotional speech , and Sasha missing her father’s last address (“She had a final. Sorry! You’re gonna take your test. You can say goodbye later!”)

On her favorite room in the White House: “Let’s move on.”

Michelle reveals plans to continue involvement in initiatives she spearheaded while in her role and discusses supporting the Trump administration.

“We have really made big strides to change the health of our kids, especially through the School Lunch Program which I hope does. not. get. touched. because that makes SENSE.”

Stevie Wonder performs a special medley of “Isn’t She Lovely” and “My Cherie Amour.”