August Alsina, “DRUGS”

Pills, weed, the flick of a lighter, and smoke transport the tribal paint-adorned singer to a lonely, verdant raft on a wintry lake as women swim below him.*

Lil Yachty, “Shoot Out The Roof”

The red-haired rapper and his crew, donned in matching all-white jumpsuits and googles, play paintball to give color to otherwise all-white room.

Dave East, “30 Ni—az”

The blue-filtered visual for this melodic track, one of the faves from East’s debut Kairi Chanel, finds East kicking it with his, um, squad, from LA to NYC.

Belly, “Trap Phone” feat. Jadakiss

The two rappers hit New York City’s streets, alleyways, and rooftops to pay tribute to yesteryear with 90s-era Hilfiger clothes and vintage brick phones.

Chase Allen, “Been Rich”

You’ll get the irony of the video, which features Allen dressed like a homeless man while rapping about being rich, if you listen to the lyrics: “You been rich, not in ya pockets, where yo’ chromosomes is.”

Jon Hope, “The Left Hand”

Hope’s on a journey across beautiful, barren landscapes. We follow along, led by a tinkling piano and his steady footsteps, but we never see his face.