There aren’t a lot of artists who can make an immediate impression following the release of one or two singles. But rising artist Nöel instantly grabbed our team’s ear with his R&B/trap sound. So as part of the premiere, REVOLT wanted to learn more about this singer and see what else is in store.

Tell us a little bit about your backstory? How did you get into making music?

I started off making music when I was about 16. I grew up listening to all types of genres. Seeing my grandpa sing boleros, my father listening to freestyles, and my friends and I used to listen to our age group’s popular music. The mixture of all of these sounds are what made me develop to become who I am now.

You have vocals that are true to the R&B sound, but this song is a more fast-paced trapsoul feel. Is this your sound? If not, what’s your true sound?

This is actually the first song of a newer sound that I ventured into this past year. I have stuck to an R&B feel prior to working on various new songs this past year, but I still will maintain both, especially on my new EP Silk.

What was the inspiration behind this song? Did a person, event, or feeling inspire it?

The inspiration was getting more comfortable, telling myself I’m ready and actually executing music. It was definitely after a conversation in which happiness was brought up, being happy with the work ethic and the content as well. Not doubting it nor myself one bit.

Besides this song, what else do you have coming up?

I have a new EP that should be dropping in February called Silk. I am also working on a few new singles with a couple of people that I’ve met along the way. Working on keeping the music vault nice and stacked.

What message or feeling do you want to leave people with after listening to this track?

Get ready, there’s plenty more to come. Ö