Tinashe, “Company”

Leading the pack in dance-heavy performance visuals, Tinashe heads a group of women then men in 4-and-a-half minutes of sexily intricate choreography that’s equal-parts flowing and jolting and all parts hypnotizing for this Nightride cut.

Jhené Aiko, “Maniac”

Caged, masked, straitjacketed, and bound to hospital beds and wheelchairs, it’s clear the faceless doctors hovering over Aiko are attempting to constrain her maniacally sexual tendencies. Too bad she breaks free to get frisky with a mannequin.

Migos, “T-Shirt”

The establishing scene sets us up for glory: Three fur and gold-draped travelers trek across a snowy mountaintop, to meet a huntsman cooking coke in a tent. It’s a picturesque trap expedition, adorned with “snow bunnies” and all. Directed by Daps and Quavo himself, the “T-Shirt” video will only raise anticipation for Migos’s upcoming EP C U L T U R E.

NxWorries, “Sidepiece”

Pulled from last year’s album Yes Lawd!, but filmed in 2015 as part of Stones Throw’s “Dungeon Sessions,” this live performance of “Sidepiece” is overlaid with a sepia tone and skittering illustrated animations of words, shapes, and Betty Boop.