If there are words anyone should live by in this age where social media runs the world, they are: “Don’t trade respect for attention.” Ironically, that advice came from Soulja Boy on Wednesday morning. Very rational words from a star whom fans, celebs, and media alike have been scorning for acting very rash on social media as of late. He’s threatened the likes of Lil Yachty, Quavo, and most recently Chris Brown in the past several weeks, and on Tuesday almost got into a fight live on Instagram when he was broadcasting from the streets of Compton, California.

On Wednesday morning, he took to his Twitter with more beef on his mind initially. He said he accepted Chris Brown’s challenge to a boxing match and claimed Floyd Mayweather would be training him.

That tweet was deleted, but Soulja later posted a video message. Sans shirt, he appeared on his camera phone talking very calmly, unlike the hyped-up animation we’ve seen so much of recently.

“I just want to send an apology,” he said. “Over the past couple of months I’ve been acting out, I’ve been wilding out, and at the end of the day it’s not about who starts the beefs, it’s about who handles them. So, with that being said, I found out my mom in the hospital. The doctors told me everything should be all right. But no amount of money, no amount of cars, no amount of fame will make me all right knowing my mom is sick or anything happens to my momma. I love my mother. She’s always been there for me since I was born. I have my mom’s name tatted on my face. I know she’s not proud of my actions and what I’ve been doing recently.”

Soulja went on to say he not only wanted to make amends with his enemies, but work with them.

“I want to make music with Chris Brown, Yachty, Quavo, everybody,” he added. “To all media, all blogs, all my homies from the hood that feel I’ve been on some Hot Boy sh-t, I apologize. I’m back to the music. Big Soulja.”

Fabolous, who had his own quarrels with Soulja Boy back in 2010, was one of the first to respond publicly in the aftermath of Soulja Boy’s apology. Fab said, “Overall I respect Soulja Boy thinking about someone other than himself (his moms). Admitting wrongs & apologizing to his fans.”

Oddly enough, #ThingsIWontApoligizeFor has just become a trending topic on Twitter.