Legendary music mogul and Apple Music exec Jimmy Iovine was interviewed by the New York Times, along with the company’s fellow big wig Larry Jackson, and he’s denying that their service is embroiled in a feud with rivals Spotify and Tidal.

“Not even one speck of it,” Iovine denied of the assumed feuding . “I see Jay all the time. I want him to do great. There was never one record company. When I produced records, I used to ask Quincy [Jones] to come in and help me. We are competitors, yes. But as far as anything more, absolutely not.”

Iovine also said in a roundabout way that he doesn’t expect to see the big three team up. When asked if he thought he’ll see the service consolidate or expand, he said, “I think you look at history: There’ll be two or three, like there are two or three of everything else.”

In 2016, Apple Music enjoyed the success of exclusive LPs that debuted on their platform first and that debuted at No.1 on the Billboard charts from the likes of Drake, DJ Khaled, Travis Scott, Future and Frank Ocean. While the former four’s releases were all in conjunction with their labels, Ocean had a falling out with Def Jam/Universal as they were seemingly left in the dark that Apple exclusive Blonde was coming out directly on the heels of his visual album Endless, a Def Jam release.

Iovine says there was no wrongdoing on Apple Music’s behalf and their hands are clean.

“We wanted to work with Frank Ocean. We had a deal — we were working with Frank Ocean, and he controlled where his music came out,” Iovine detailed. “Why would it be in our interest to be part of a fast one, a slow one or any one? We were getting the record no matter what. Whatever happened with him and Universal is really between him and Universal. It has nothing to do with us. Nothing.”

It was also revealed in the article that Iovine and Jackson visited Kanye West while he was recording The Life of Pablo, but the rumors of ‘Ye jumping ship from Tidal to Apple Music were not true.

“He was part of Jay’s thing and chose to make a deal with his friend, and I respect that,” Iovine told. “I kind of felt like it was going to happen before it did. Jay Z and Kanye — that’s a very natural thing for them to work together. Everybody moves on. You try to do the best with what you’ve got and ignore everything else. That’s why horses get blinders in horse racing: You look at the horse next to you, and you lose a step.”

We will get to see and hear more in depth from Jimmy Iovine in 2017. He and Dr. Dre have a four part documentary mini-series called “The Defiant Ones” set to air on HBO.