Killer Mike has long been an advocate of weed decriminalization and now he’s taking his support a step further by offering up a solution.

In an open letter published in Rolling Stone, the Run the Jewels rapper points out a glaring irony and, in turn, asks state legislators to reform laws that target African-Americans and then bar them from possible rehabilitation and redemption.

His argument? That African-Americans are almost four times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession, but that many state laws prohibit felons—including those convicted of nonviolent drug crimes—from running, or even working in, a dispensary.

So, ultimately, “the people most likely to be victims of marijuana prohibition are the least likely to profit in its aftermath.”

This has resulted in “just one percent of America’s 3,200 to 3,600 marijuana dispensaries being owned by blacks.”

Killer Mike argues that rejecting convicts of nonviolent drug crimes reproduces racial inequality, and that those injustices can be dismantled through legalization and opportunity.

Mike’s letter comes just days after fellow entertainer John Legend penned an open letter in the same publication regarding non-violent drug offenders, as well. In it, he asks President Obama to grant “as many clemencies as possible” before leaving office.