Apparently, not everyone was feeling Dave Chappelle’s return to television last month when he appeared as host of Saturday Night Live for the first time.

Having resurrected some signature characters from his Chappelle Show and delivered a PSA to President-elect Donald Trump, Chappelle was heralded as a cultural superhero. But that may have been the problem.

It’s been revealed, via a Freedom of Information request filed with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and shared on MuckRock, that over a dozen people made complaints regarding Chappelle’s language on the show.

Read a few below:

“I cannot believe you allowed the nasty mouth of Dave Chappelle to be aired on regular television. This was not hbo or showtime. Shame on you.”

“Dave Chappelle used the word ‘nigger’ multiple times during a live show monologue and implied America is racist for electing Donald Trump.”

“The curse word ‘god-damn’ was used more than one…. This type of indecency on TV is what has partially led, I believe, to a what has slowly been an erosion of decency in society to the point that people would tolerate someone as foul-mouthed and vile as a recent presidential candidate.”

“I was appalled but the continuous use of the n word…. It is a disgrace that television does now recognize the dark history of racist and offense word. NBC/SNL would not allow and has not allowed the broadcast of words offense to gays or Jews.”

“Vulgar, racist, and nasty . How could NBC has allowed this program to go on the air. Are you kidding me. Really. Is this what our Country has come to. Chappelle and Q-Tip were beyond nasty .”

“On multiple occasions, the word ‘pussy,’ ‘nigger’ and ‘G–damn’ were used among other obscenities. As a Christian, I find the use of my God’s name particularly offensive. ‘Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.’ -Exodus 20:7.”

However, the pushback hasn’t stopped Chappelle from receiving three Netflix comedy specials in the new year.