If Pete Rock’s Instagram post is any clear indication, Kanye West isn’t just back home from the hospital, he’s back in recording mode.

Earlier today (December 8), Pete Rock hopped on Instagram to tease work with West on what could possibly be the highly anticipated second 2016 release the latter promised, Turbo Grafx 16. Sending the internet into a frenzy, the legendary beatsmith posted the following on IG, “Playing 45s in da lab with Kanye West.” But the teasers didn’t stop there.

In the clip, the camera pans around the studio booth and revealed what many have already discovered: a potential album tracklist. The list, which can be seen below, features a series of video game references (hence the album title) that could mean several things:

1) Titles of songs on the album

2) Potential samples to pull from

3) A holiday shopping list

The news comes after West was recently released from the UCLA Medical Center, where he was under heavy medical supervision since being admitted on November 21st. Since getting home from the hospital, the “Famous” rapper is reported to have been in a great creative space. In fact, TMZ reported that West is so in the groove that “a new album could be in the offing.” Clearly, and like Jay Z once said it, for Ye: “I can’t leave rap alone, the game need me.”

The last time West and Pete Rock collaborated, it was on Watch The Throne‘s “The Joy.” Check out more from Pete Rock’s sonic preview below.