Donald Trump’s pending presidency has incited nearly everyone in the public eye–whether they be supporters or opposers–to voice their opinion. REVOLT recently connected with Russell Simmons and DJ Cassidy to talk about their views on the President-Elect and the current political climate in America. While Russell addressed ending his friendship with Trump and the picks for his cabinet, Cassidy spoke on how music can serve as a voice for the people.

Watch the interview and read excerpts below.

Russell Simmons: “My friendship with one person is not greater than my relationship with this country and all the people who suffer and all the people who need opportunity and equality. So I relinquished the friendship. Easy. That was not even a question. But I do know we’re going to have to give him a hug now because he’s picking some of the meanest people to help him with his transition…. I think he’s more interested in the power than he is in the people. And that can be dangerous. I just hope he gets back in touch with more progressive people.”

DJ Cassidy: “When you look at NWA and Public Enemy, they did not come out to Clinton they came out of Reagan. So I’m hoping that hip-hop, in particular, will step up to the plate because now we need a voice.”

That voice of revolution that Cassidy speaks of has come early in the form of artists like Kendrick Lamar, Common, J. Cole, and Killer Mike. Who else will step into the ranks of thought-leaders and motivators during times where music is going to be much needed to elevate the consciousness and actions of the people? Only time will tell.