Tensions have been rising between Jeremih and PartyNextDoor in recent weeks since their joint Summer’s Over tour kicked off in October. There have been alleged disputes over money, disagreement over allowing Jeremih to co-headline the tour, and hella strange rumors of Jeremih using a stunt double to perform in his place.

The beef escalated on Friday night when Jeremih hit the stage at the South Side Ballroom in Dallas and called out his co-headliner by name.

“Dallas I love y’all. All my fans, I love y’all. PartyNextDoor and his crew are some bitch ass niggas,” he told the audience. “Now tell me that. Tell me what I said now?”

“Y’all better scream for PartyNextDoor now,” he continued. “Tell him to pay that fake-ass budget they’ve been pressing at night.”

Before the show got started, Jeremih seemed to address the imposter rumors on Instagram by using that amazing evil Kermit meme.

On Saturday, he also accused audience members of launching pepper spray toward the stage while he performed. “Pepper spray was put in the atmosphere last night on stage while I was performing in Dallas. Surprisingly no blogs picked that up,” he tweeted. “San Antonio we headed your way, still…”

Earlier in the week, while performing in front of his hometown crowd in Chicago, Jeremih ended his performance after a few songs by dropping the microphone and yelling “fuck y’all” to the sound crew. He later explained that his sound was surprisingly cut mid-performance. It’s unclear if the decision was deliberate or merely a technical issue.

“Chicago u know I love y’all, I didn’t say ‘fuck y’all’ I said ‘ah they some hatas! Fuck yalll! (to the sound people) that cut off my ears while performing,” he wrote on Twitter, before apparently pointing the finger at PartyNextDoor’s crew. “Truth is ‘they’ didn’t want me 2 perform tonight.. it sad people will take ur money and blatantly make it seem like I only want to do 2 songs.”

Watch Insider Access of Jeremih’s performance at PowerHouse 2015 below.