In September of last year, Rihanna remixed Puma’s classic suede shoe with a chunky sole and gave us the coveted, black-and-white Creeper.

She dropped some more colorways—gum-soled with all-black or all-nude suede—and wished us luck in finding them in-store since they sold out online.

She then recruited her then-rumored beau Travis Scott to promote even newer color schemes—still gum-soled, but with the option of all-white or pink-and-olive suede—but to no avail.

The year of 2016 came and we thought we had a chance at nabbing the latest iterations come Spring—full black, full white, or green-and-burgundy with a gumsole—but nope. They sold out in 35 minutes.

She dropped a blink-and-you-missed-it camouflage version that barely anyone remembers…

…and, nearly a year after the launch, gave us yet another chance by claiming there were restocks of the originals.

Now, the holidays are here and she’s gifted us with one more opportunity to give or receive all-gray or all-burgundy versions of the Creeper.

But, before that release date even comes, Rihanna’s already been recognized by the 30th Footwear News Achievement Awards. Her Fenty x PUMA Creeper won Shoe of The Year on Tuesday night (November 29)

In her acceptance speech, she said: “It means so much. It makes me so proud to be a woman—to be a young woman from Barbados especially.”

And added, “I didn’t expect people to love it the way I do, and the way they’ve supported it means so much to me.”

“All the Creeper fans and all the kids in the street who inspire me by doing things their own way.”

Congrats, RiRi!