Dawn Richard (D∆WN) brings her trilogy of albums to a conclusion today (November 18) with the release of Redemption. Don’t ask us what to call it. The 15 tracks of synth-driven R&B manage to make electronic music feel soulful, and to incorporate features from New Orleans musicians Trombone Shorty and PJ Morton that remind you that, after all, you’re listening to a brown girl with a big dream from the Ninth Ward.

They want to label it dance, or EDM, but if you’ve heard even one song from D∆WN’s solo projects, you know attempts at categorization are futile. The independent artist is making music entirely on her terms. Because of this, you might not hear her music on the radio, or see her getting attention from the mainstream outlets. You have to seek her out, but the journey she’ll take you along is worth the process of discovery.

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To fully appreciate the story arc, listen to all three albums: 2013’s Goldenheart, where warrior Dawn was fighting to bring her message to an unwilling industry; 2015’s Blackheart, an era of personal and professional challenges harder than she could imagine; and now, the breakthrough, Redemption.

However, if you’re late to the party and jump in with Redemption, that’s cool, too. Now’s the time for an album like this, one that celebrates self-love. D∆WN has not emerged her trials unscathed, but she’s come to realize she’s better and stronger for them.

“It’s hard being comfortable in the skin you get. Some people, it’s easier for them, but it wasn’t for me, and I think that’s what Redemption really means; it’s about self-discovery and self-acceptance,” D∆WN told REVOLT. “It’s a time that we need that validation for ourselves, that we can move forward and be great, and I’m really proud that this album speaks to that.”

Watch the full interview with D∆WN below:

Real Talk | Dawn Richard gets redeemed