Buddy, “Shine”

Despite the Compton rapper’s peaceful morning inside his home being disrupted by seemingly routine challenges outside on the city’s streets, it doesn’t stop him from smiling—or shining—while rolling dice with friends, dancing in the backseat of a car, or praying to God.

Ella Mai, “10,000 Hours”

While the London-born DJ Mustard-signee paces the floors of her apartment reflecting on her relationship, her lover fades in and out around her before ultimately making a decision.

Melanie Martinez, “Pacify Her”

The wide-eyed songstress plays dueling dolls who’ve come to life as they both vie for the affection of one blue-faced Ken-like character. But as Mel uses superpowers ranging from cool to downright creepy, it’s no match for her foe’s abuse of her own feminine wiles.

Cashmere Cat, “Trust Nobody”

Featured vocalists Tory Lanez and Selena Gomez are nowhere to be found in the producer-DJ’s latest clip, but they’re not missed; a single dancer in the desert keeps us captivated before she’s flanked by four more who join her in moving in perfect synchronized, sensual, and interpretive harmony.