In recent year we’ve seen the power of social media to amplify art, culture, and protest. The #MannequinChallenge is now being used for the same, thanks to a new short film directed by and starring millennials of the hip-hop culture. This is their response to Donald J. Trump being elected president of the United States.

Filmmaker Kristina A. Williams told REVOLT, “This video was made to 1) say “f- you” to the stereotypes Trump places on our communities, and 2) highlight the hypocrisy of damning black and brown communities for the very behaviors Trump exhibits himself.”

And executive producer Ephraim Walker said, “For me, the only power we have left is to use our art in protest. It’s a satirical piece for me, because Trump espouses all of these conservative views, yet he has been accused of partaking in exactly the type of behavior portrayed In the video (sex, drug use, etc).”

Watch the “F— Donald Trump Mannequin Challenge” below by #HellaWokeProductions: