Today is Monday, November 7th, which brings to mind a couple notable important moments. For starters, it’s the day before Election Day. Secondly, GZA’s bulletproof debut Liquid Swords turns 21. Thirdly, and without further adieu, it’s the beginning of Durag History Week.

Quite the weird celebration, the random social media-birthed holiday began a few years ago with folks randomly posting photos that recognize celebrities sporting durags during noteworthy moments. Take for example the time R. Kelly rose out of the desert like a phoenix to bless worshipers with his sky blue durag that was heightened by the gusty winds. There was also a time when the headwear made its way across the pond and in the midst of Prince Charles, courtesy of David Beckham.

From Nelly to Memphis Bleek, Jay Z and beyond, the 2016 edition of #DuragHistoryWeek kicked off strong thanks to these grand moments. In honor of this, we look back at the superheroes within Durag History.