Kevin Gates was found guilty of misdemeanor battery on Wednesday for kicking a female fan at a concert in 2015. The incident occurred at Rumors nightclub in Lakeland, Florida last August when 18-year-old Miranda Dixon tugged on the rapper’s shorts while he performed. Gates was recorded in widely-circulated footage kicking the woman in the chest.

Before the ruling, the 30-year-old rapper publicly maintained his innocence, claiming that he acted out of self-defense. “I kicked them, I wanted them off me,” he admitted at the hearing, WFLA reports. Dixon also testified at the trial, “I was trying to get his attention for my friend.”

It only took one day of testimony for the jury of six women to convict Gates. He’s been sentenced to 180 days in Polk County jail, with credit for any time served. The judge also ordered one year probation after Gater serves his time, Fox 13 reports, which was three times what prosecutors in the case requested.

The head of security at the nightclub, Joe Hailey, testified that while there were 20 security guards working the event, Gates had more than enough room on the stage to move away from his fans if he didn’t want to be touched by them.

Jose Baez, an attorney representing Gates, argued that the victim was lying in order to gain monetary damages in a separate civil suit against the rapper. He also questioned how serious Dixon’s injuries were. She maintains that she was knocked unconscious and hospitalized after the incident.

Shortly after the incident took place, Gates released the song “The Truth” apologizing for kicking Dixon and claiming the footage was edited. “All on the news about what happened in Florida/ Posted on Worldstar an iPhone recorded/ She grabbed my dick overreacted, I’m sorry/ Two or three times I had already warned her/ Edit that part out, I don’t Like to argue/ My children go with me to every performance.”