Oakland's own Too $hort and lawyer Adante Pointer speak on the police sex scandal shaking up their city

  /  10.26.2016

After 13 years of being under federal oversight, the Oakland Police Department began to face an entirely new controversy back in June when a young sex worker, who went by the name of “Celeste Guap,” now 19 years old, alleged that she had slept with more than a dozen Oakland officers and several from other Bay Area law enforcement agencies—often while she was still under age.

Upon news breaking, the agency parted ways with three police chiefs in nine days.

Oakland Police Chief Sean Whent resigned that same month citing a “personal choice,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

Interim Chief Ben Fairow was then appointed to replace Whent, but his tenure lasted only six days after Mayor Libby Schaaf said she had received “information that made her question Fairow’s ability to lead.”

And Acting Chief Paul Figueroa then tendered his resignation to Schaaf—though she would not say why—and voluntarily went on-leave.

Schaaf then announced that the department would operate under “civilian oversight.”

Seeking insight on the unprecedented matter, REVOLT spoke to two major Oakland figures, rapper Too $hort and Civil Rights and Police Abuse lawyer Adante Pointer.

Insider Access | The Oakland Police Sex Scandal

Too $hort says, “It should have always been a panel of citizens that work with the top officers in the city trying to figure out what’s right and what’s wrong.”

But, according to a separate Los Angeles Times report, investigations of the law agencies truly began back in September 2015 when Officer Brendan O’Brien committed suicide and left a note.

Pointer says, “He left a note essentially admitting to what he had done and also tipping off the police department who investigated the homicide as to the officers that were involved in this sex ring.”

And Pointer doesn’t hesitate to list O’Brien’s wrongdoings, saying, “[He was] one of the officers that was at the center of preying on this young lady, passing her off to his buddies and friends in other police departments, having sex with her while she was underage, which essentially is rape because when you’re underage you can’t consent.”

The East Bay Express reports Guap said O’Brien “saved” her when she was just 17 and had approached his police car for help after a pimp began chasing her. She said they had sex numerous times after running into each other again at a taco truck and exchanging numbers.

According to EBX, officers then “trafficked her among their ranks” for half of year. Guap says all of the law enforcement agents she slept with knew she was a sex worker, and that she sometimes did it as a form of protection from arrest or prosecution.

In total, EBX reports that, “according to multiple sources close to the department and the city of Oakland, at least fourteen Oakland police officers, three Richmond police, four Alameda County sheriff’s deputies, and a federal officer took advantage of the teenager.”


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