Within this voice is an African-American man in today’s generation. Palmer Reed’s sonic productions are unique to his lyrical and music fusion and lay the bright future for his style as a true artist far beyond the color of his skin. “I want to make music for people universally; my hope is that my music relates to people’s lives and helps them through good times and bad times. I get a lot of inspiration from creating for that reason. Diverse people embrace diverse music, I love that.”

Reed has already opened up for artists including Talib Kweli, Afroman, Frankie Beverly and Maze, The Time, and Obie Trice. For Palmer everything in life is viewed as a learning experience where he can hone his skills. “This is life, love and sacrifice”. He has dedicated his life for his love of music.

Produced by Andre and the late BIG MAKK, “SMART” makes Palmer’s vocal abilities shines bright, with MAKK at his best. Soon after appearing in the video, on August 29, BIG MAKK lost his life in a car accident. BIG MAKK’s proceeds as the song’s co-creator and producer will be contributed to his family memorial fund, which has raised more than $32,000 to date.

The release of “SMART” serves as one of two of the last pieces of productions that BIG MAKK and Reed were able to create together. As a visual single “SMART” proves their creative energy reached beyond the experience of recording the song. “MAKK was a real gift in helping me to expand my lyrical abilities and visual creativity by including him in the video. I think the biggest thing that will stick with all of us is to just keep going, and he will live on through us.”

Get to know Palmer Reed in his own words:

My sound in five words and less: Music that makes you think.

Best part of making this video: The best part of making this video was of course having the track’s producer BIG MAKK also appear in the video with me before he passed in August. It got to the point where it didn’t even feel like a video. Just an amazing party with great friends.

What inspires your art: Life inspires my art. I always try to stay true to myself, regardless of the type of music I create.

Explain the concept of the song in one sentence: The concept is nostalgic and smart.

Favorite Emoji: My Favorite emoji has to be the prayer hands, or live long and prosper.

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/palmerreedmusic

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