D.R.A.M., “Cash Machine”

Like a modern-day Santa, Big Baby travels through his neighborhood via bike, dousing it in customized and colorful bills shot from a cash cannon, and tip-toes along a chalk illustration of an oversized piano (a la Big) for good measure.

Fetty Wap, “Island on My Chain”

There are exactly zero shots of luxury cars, diamond-encrusted jewelry, and stacks of cash in this clip. And don’t worry, Fetty does not pretend that the aforementioned money is a cellphone, guitar, or newborn baby. Weird.

Tabitha, “Holla At Me”

The singer’s every move is accentuated (and lyric illustrated) by excitable animations that wrap around and pulse from her body, punctuating an otherwise black-and-white clip with colorful livelihood.