“Now that I got the keys, I want to give you the keys.” – DJ Khaled

Hip-hop’s boldest motivational speaker, DJ Khaled, opened up to hundreds of REVOLT Music Conference attendees during the Miami event’s #AskKhaled Q&A session on Friday evening (October 14).

The opportunity allowed fans and guests to ask the entertainment business mogul and super-producer to bestow upon them his many and major keys to life and success. And Khaled didn’t just limit his advice to RMC attendees, but shared some great gems with young millennials from all over the world who made inquiries via Twitter and Google Hangout.

When asked what motivated him to follow his dreams even when everyone else doubted him, Khaled replied with one word: “God.”

Explaining further, he said, “What a lot of people don’t realize is that we have life and with life you can get through anything. Even when you’re going through a storm, embrace life every day.”

Dropping key after key, Khaled made the Q&A all the more engaging and accessible when he began to talk about himself as more than just a major DJ, but a person, stating that no matter what he’s ever gone through, he’s never complained.

“Complaining is a setback to your life and your career,” he said. “Don’t be mad; find a solution.”

Upon becoming a megastar on Snapchat this year, Khaled also shared the moment he knew the social media app changed his life.

“You got to know Khaled, as well as DJ Khaled,” he said, adding, “Through Snapchat, I’ve built a connection with my fans that’s become more personable. A major key is to be yourself.”

After a rewarding and informative back-and-forth with the conference attendees and international fans, one participant asked, “If you could do anything different involving your career, what would it be?”

And Khaled replied with one of the his greatest keys yet.

“I wouldn’t do anything different. I love that I survived the storms and I walked through the fire. I love proving to ‘they’ that ‘they’ can’t stop greatness. It took me 25 blood, sweat, and tears, and I’m grateful for it and I’m just getting started.”