Lil Wayne talks presidential debate, new book

  /  10.12.2016

On Tuesday evening, Lil Wayne stood in his midtown Manhattan hotel room, ESPN on the flat screen with the network’s personalities breaking down the week’s upcoming football match-ups. The music icon was all smiles as he and his friend and manager Cortez Bryant did their own analyzing of the week’s greatest face-off, ironically off the gridiron.

“This shit is real dawg,” Wayne laughed in amazement. “Trump is really running for President.”

Weezy and Tez spent time giving their take on this week’s presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Lil Tunechi was quite amused at the proceedings.

“My feelings on it? Its comical,” said the music titan, who didn’t take Trump’s candidacy serious at first, until Mack Maine convinced him the controversial magnate’s run was real. “It’s almost not real. From my days, I’m 34 years old, all I know about debates is that it used to come on a channel you used to have cable to watch. That’s how boring it was. Now though, now, it’s something crazy. This ain’t even real. This is like some hip-hop beef. I thought Slime [Donald Trump] was going start pulling out his iPhone and show pictures of her [Hillary Clinton].”

Earlier in the afternoon, Wayne was at Strand’s bookstore signing copies of his just released book, Gone ‘Til November. Tune’s tome is an autobiographical account of his highly publicized time in prison stemming from a 2007 gun charge. Weezy was released in November of 2010 after serving eight months in Rikers Island. While in jail, Wayne wrote his book and hasn’t seen the pages since then.

Lil Wayne reveals what prison was like, including visits from famous friends

“I didn’t,” Wayne answered about how it felt to go back and revisit those dark days mentally. “I never read the book. Just for the simple fact, I did the time. I’m fine. I didn’t write it to go back and read it. Actually. I was just writing to have something to do. I was also writing people every day, as well, fans and all that. [Writing] gave me something to do.”

“Thank God, it wasn’t that terrible of an experience,” Weezy continued about his experience. “I didn’t want to relive those days. I’m fine on that. But if I gotta think back to answer questions and things like that, it still don’t feel that I’m reliving it. I’ve been through worse. It wasn’t that terrible of an experience to me. Thank God, it’s not like me saying, ‘I’m going through hell,’ because I been through worse.”

And with his business. Weezy has been embroiled in turmoil for years with Birdman, co-head of Cash Money Records, over accusations of misappropriation of funds. Due to the conflict, Wayne has not been able to release his much anticipated Carter 5. Although Gone ‘Til November was in the works way before the business beef, Wayne says now was the perfect time to deliver a project to his following.

“The fans. My fans, I can call anyone of them right now and move in,” he began to explain. “That’s how my fans are. I felt I’m really cheating them. I’m not giving them anything. Only thing they getting from me is me on somebody’s featured song. I’m going my hardest on there, trying to make it my song. Other than that, I was like, ‘We can do this [book].’”

Watch the entire interview below:

Real Talk | Lil Wayne on his new book, “Gone ‘Til November”


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