If dethroning Jerry Seinfeld as the world’s highest-paid comedian wasn’t enough proof of Kevin Hart’s work ethic and warm reception, let not just his star ceremony on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame on Monday, but what his associates said at the event be the evidence.

Just a few days out from the theatrical release of his fifth stand-up comedy special Kevin Hart: What Now?, Hart was awarded a coveted spot on the city’s shiny sidewalk and, before speaking to REVOLT about what our rebellious brand name means to him, his frequent collaborators spoke in both truth and jest about his character — the real one, not his roles.

After taking digs at Hart’s career flops, vertically-challenged height, and ego, his Ride Along co-star Ice Cube, Think Like a Man producer Will Packer, and director of both the aforementioned movies and their sequels Tim Story spoke about his generosity, stamina, and positive attitude, confirming what we all know: that no one currently deserves the five-pointed award more than Hart.

His wife Eniko, ex-wife Torrei, and co-star Halle Berry were all in attendance to show support, too. But one associate that wasn’t? His foe Chocolate Droppa.

Watch the interview and read excerpts below.

Ice Cube: The name Hart, his last name, describes him perfectly because Kevin not only got heart, but he’s full of heart. He’s a beast…. You won’t catch him sleeping too often because he’s the hardest working man in show business.

Packer: What he may lack in movie star good looks or normal human stature, he more than makes up for it in generosity of spirit. He is one of the most generous people I have ever met. Ever. His giving is unmatched. His work ethic, I will put against anybody anywhere in any industry.

Story: This star is a testament to a guy I don’t think I’ve ever seen in a bad mood…. He wants to make people laugh. He’s so dedicated.