These days, celebrity pot proponents are a dime a dozen but still Snoop Dogg remains one of the foremost icons in the weed industry and its advocating ideology.

So it’s only right that he brought his incomparable expertise to the executive producer seat of MTV‘s new cannabis-themed comedy, the appropriately-titled “Mary + Jane.” In the series, Jessica Rothe and Scout Durwood play Paige and Jordan, two best friends and, well, drug-dealers who launch an all-female “mostly legal” weed delivery service in Los Angeles. But an inflated sense of self leads them to believe that they are, in fact, entrepreneurs as they aim to land their pseudo-business on the fictional Green 15, a list of the city’s best marijuana on-demand services.

Recently, the trio sat down with REVOLT where they all revealed the one place you should absolutely never be high, the Doggfather shared the details of his best and worst high and why he believes marijuana should be universally legalized, and Rothe and Durwood told us how their characters’ personalities are hindering business and what we can look forward to on the rest of the season of Mary + Jane.

Watch the full interview and read excerpts below.

On the circumstances in which you should never be high:

Durwood: Around my parents.

Rothe: Surrounded by loud noises.

‘Mary + Jane’ airs Mondays at 10/9c on MTV.