Not feeling Trump or Clinton? Here's why it's imperative that you still vote

  /  10.10.2016

If you’ve been paying attention, you know there was a disastrous presidential debate on Sunday (October 9), and the leak of sexist remarks made by the Republican nominee had social media ablaze over the past weekend. As REVOLT faves have shared with us, both candidates leave much to be desired. But guess what? Not voting is not an option!

Why is that? Plain and simple, YOU are the determining factor in this election. According to political commentator Symone D. Sanders, Barack Obama won the youth vote in 2012 on the strength of African-American and Latino millennials. “He only won young white millennials by 44%, and he won black millennials by 95%,” Sanders told REVOLT. And the woman knows what she’s talking about — she was the national press secretary for Sen. Bernie Sanders.

The 3 things candidates should know about millennial voters

“I’m very well aware that people aren’t necessarily — particularly young, urban voters —aren’t really excited about this election, because I think Barack Obama spoiled us,” Sanders said, in a must-see interview. “Barack Obama had us screaming, ‘Hope and change! Yes we can! Oh my goodness, hallelujah!’ like we were in church, and people were ready to go out and go vote. But elections, and especially presidential elections, are not about who makes you feel good, they’re about who can govern on day one.”

And here’s something else Sanders wants you to understand: The president can only do so much. Misunderstanding that fact is likely what caused disillusionment among voters regarding the political process. As Sanders explains, positions such as state’s attorneys, county comptrollers, county commissioners, city council members, and mayor might all be on the ballot this season. It’s up to us to educate ourselves on the local candidates and initiatives because that is what impacts us first.

The vice presidential debate: Not a game-changer, but a seed-planter

“People always talk about the presidential candidates and the vice presidential candidates, and we don’t hear as much about anybody else that’s gonna be on the ballot this fall, so people will oftentimes get to the ballot box and are wondering, Who is this, this, and that? And what is this ballot initiative? I ain’t see none of this on the news!” Sanders said. “So, people we have to really educate ourselves about who else is on the ballot this fall, and that’s what it means when we say vote down-ballot; vote from presidential candidate all the way down. But up-ballot means vote from what’s at the bottom of your ballot all the way up because what is at the bottom of your ballot hits you first.”

Let Symone D. Sanders make it clear for you below:

And don’t forget, October 11 is the last day for voter registration!


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