After witnessing June’s Diary take over the famous venue SOB’s during their five-city tour run, I can arguably say these ladies have the vocal capacity to be the best female vocal group of all time. June’s Diary consist of five members: Ashly, Brie, Gabi, Kristal, and Shyann. We last saw the group being formed by singer Kelly Rowland and creative director Frank Gatson on BET’s show Chasing Destiny. The quintet has since released their buzzy singles “All of Us” and “L.A.N.C.E.,” which are now available on iTunes.

As I cruised backstage with the ladies before their performance, I noticed their determination to make sure everything was perfect before show time — hair, makeup, vocal warm-ups, and of course wardrobe. Gatson repeatedly ran in and out of the room to ensure the ladies were picture perfect while scolding members of the style team for misguiding an outfit or two. Brie relaxed on the couch under a humidifier quietly and told me she had laryngitis and needed to remain quiet until show time. Ashly, the group’s obvious leader and big sister, led vocal warm-ups and notes that could draw goosebumps on anyone. Gabi and Shyann were getting finishing touchups on their makeup as Kristal finalized her performance outfit. The ladies gathered around for a prayer and spawned great vibes before they took the stage.

Once June’s Diary took the stage they faced a packed house of fans who were eager to hear and see the ladies up close. As expected, the ladies sang their viral version of Drake’s “Hotline Bling” and a mash-up of Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass_.” As the music began to change, Ashly pulled out a cell phone asking the audience to dial a number; whoever got through could join the group on stage. Four gentleman and one young lady joined the ladies on stage as they sang Happy Birthday to one of the lucky guys. To my delight, the group paid homage to the Black Lives Matter movement and the black lives we’ve lost under police brutality by singing a heart-wrenching version of “Lift Every Voice and Sing.” Afterward Gabi, the group’s self-proclaimed badass, passionately urged the audience to vote in this upcoming presidential election. When the group’s single “L.A.N.C.E” began to bump from the speakers the fans reacted with excitement but not quite like when the other single “All of Us” came on. To Gatson and everyone else, it was clear “All of Us” should have been the lead single.

Gatson excitedly informed the audience the ladies would soon be embarking on their first tour supporting a headlining artist, that artist being R.Kelly. On their first tour together as a group, the ladies say they’ve learned from Rowland and Gatson to always communicate and talk to one another, but more importantly to stay out of their own way. Rowland taught the ladies the 3 C’s: communication, consideration, and commitment. Fans are likely to wonder when more music is set to be released and according to Ashly, an EP might be on the way soon.