Fashion has consistently been at the forefront when using influential people to market their products. However, in this social age brands must be a bit more clever in their approach. Consumers have become more fickle on the type of information they choose to ingest and advertisements are the least popular, but brands have found a clever way around this and it’s truly fun for all parties involved.

Building ad campaigns by incorporating celebrity isn’t new, but creating the illusion of a coterie is very different. Fans of the brands become intrigued based off of the names involved and because it is exclusive. Mavens fantasize about being invited to join the squad while they gag over the visuals and run to their keyboards to talk all about it. This effect increases brand visibility, sales, and invested interest in the brand.

This season’s Alexander Wang‘s #WangSquad campaign included a plethora of our favorite artists such as Zoe Kravitz, Tinashe, ASAP Ferg, Big Sean, Kylie Jenner, and Tyga, to name a few.

Wang has always been influenced by pop and party culture, staying abreast with a soundtrack by Skrillex (who also appears in the short) that got the mansion party started. Poking a little fun at himself, Wang shows up as a Chinese take-out delivery boy who received a large wad of cash that more than covered the bill. Swinging from chandeliers, pouring champagne, drinking out of red cups, all while on marble floors seems like a hella fun night. Who knows? Maybe next season we’ll be invited to the party.