It was just last week that The Weeknd dropped “Starboy,” the lead single from his upcoming album of the same name. And he’s wasted no time riding the wave of acclaim and applause he received for the track, having now shared new cut “False Alarm.”

Though it kicks off with the kind of drums you’d hear in a ’80s coming-of-age film’s dance breakdown, it quickly segues into a strumming that sounds like it’s racing against a clock, and is punctuated by an echoey riff fit for a Western. But even that doesn’t last.

Soon, The Weeknd is releasing a wail we haven’t heard from him before and, because he’s known to invoke and embody the night, it might as well be the howl at the moon that happens when a man turns werewolf once the sun sets. Ultimately — especially with his repeated “hey, hey, hey!” chant — Abel goes full-on punk-over-synthpop (before ending with an eerie hum and sparse piano) as he tells the tale of a heartbreaker.

“Diamonds and the rings are her fantasy (she loves) / She chase hearts with the Hennessy (she loves) / You love her, but you’ll never be (she loves) / Enough, enough / She loves everybody / Can’t you tell by the signs? / She loves everybody / She gets off all the time / It’s a dark philosophy / And it haunts her constantly / She’s a false alarm to me”

“False Alarm” is likely to be divisive, but you can’t say it was expected. And isn’t that the best kind of art?