Jaws dropped when Beyoncé released the first collection of her activewear line, Ivy Park. It was something we hadn’t realized we’d wanted, but certainly weren’t going to turn away from now. After all, if we can’t look like Beyoncé after working out, we could at least look like her during.

But if you couldn’t get your hands on any of the Spring/Summer 2016 items, Bey’s begun teasing the new looks from her Fall/Winter 2016 collection.

And she’s doing it with some intimate poetry.

Reminiscent of the stylized words that populated Lemonade’s visual album, Bey tells us just how she stays motivated in a new promotional ad.

Over images of her stretching, bending, exercising (on the treadmill and doing hanging leg raises), rehearsing, and stomping on stage, along with personal footage of Jay, Blue, and Mama Tina, Bey recites:

I stretch my body out like the horizon

I teach my body everyday that I can go a little further

I know my body can learn how to bend and not break

I know what it’s capable of

I’ve seen it perform miracles

Even when my throat is burning

And my lungs feel like they’re drowning

Sweat is stinging my eyes

My feet feel like they’re gonna explode

When I’m about to give up

I picture that one person I love more than anyone

I picture them wherever they are in the world

And I imagine myself running towards them

I see their face and they’re smiling and cheering and they’re so proud of me

They’re shouting my name and I make it to the end

I push past the pain and I find love

So, there you have it: Picture you someone you love and run your ass off towards them.