The Weeknd, “Starboy”

Abel is tied up and suffocated by a terrorizing home invader who shuffles and spins around his house, smashes his awards and plaques with a neon cross, steals his car and cat, and looks eerily similar to–hey, wait a minute…

Kaytranada, “You’re the One” feat. Syd the Kid

An homage to ’80s and ’90s screens big and small, Kaytranda gives nod to “Martin,” “Living Single,” and Coming to America with this clip’s graphics, colorful apartment setting, 1-800-psychic-like commercial, and African prince storyline.

Gallant, “Skipping Stones” feat. Jhene Aiko

So, uh, maybe don’t fuck with Jhene Aiko? Or she’ll tie you up, stuff you in a car trunk, and set it on fire. Or so Gallant learned.

Caleborate, “Consequences”

“I just wanna chill, smoke, drink, and be cool” and the Californian rapper just does that in his new visual, traveling to Los Angeles to hit corner stores, dance in the streets, and get smothered in money while lamenting the days he worked in retail and imagining a could-be life as a 40 oz.-drinking beggar.

Earl St. Clair, “Man on Fire”

Feeling rightfully suspicious, Earl follows his lady into an underground speakeasy where he spots her with another man but, with some liquid courage, he takes to the mic to turn the spotlight back on him.