Rae Sremmurd, “Black Beatles”

If you had any doubt that Rae Sremmurd are rap’s rockstars, look no further than this video. Like the legendary band that the song’s title gives nod to, the brothers are experiencing high levels of fame and fandom. The grainy concert and behind-the-scenes footage is full of girls, fur coats and studded boots, tour buses, and smoke and red Solo cups.

Tegan and Sara, “Stop Desire”

In this colorful and clever visual (shot in the style of Wes Anderson), the twin sisters just can’t escape sexual innuendos when trying to run daily errands, from the baguettes and melons at the market to the keys entering mailbox holes at the post office. There’s ring pops, kitty cats, and cacti plants, too.

Gucci Mane, “Bling Blaww Burr” feat. Young Dolph

What began as a simple pool party (with, it seems, a big booty-only requirement) turns out to be one full of attendees-turned-vampires for a still-house arrested Gucci — peep the ankle monitor.

Tkay Maidza, “Carry On” feat. Killer Mike

Watch the Australian singer-rapper carry the clip, set on the floors of just an empty warehouse and closed photoshoot, with just her moves, costume changes, hair flips, and a few background dancers.

Karmin, “Easy Money”

Karmin’s lucky this song is decent because the video is literally just four minutes of the duo playfully posturing in beach chairs. ‘Mkay.

Machine Gun Kelly, “Young Man” feat. Chief Keef

MGK travels through his hometown of Cleveland (with his daughter in tow) and recruits his neighbors to dab, nae nae, and ultimately flex on the city streets, at the local carwash, and in train cars.

Empire of the Sun, “High and Low”

Young folks traverse forests and cliffs until they find themselves at the center of Empire of the Sun’s fantastically magical and futuristic land o’ surreal.

Lido, “Murder”

What initially appears as a wannabe iTunes visualizer quickly proves more complicated as the song, by producer Lido, adds layers for each visual element to represent. Captivating, dynamic and visually stimulating, this is worth viewing at least twice – once for the song and once for the video.

Dora Martin, “Another Life”

This alt-R&B duo from across the pond releases an ode to unrequited love of the worst kind — being in love with the bestie you can never have. The visuals are poignant and relatable, their vocal pipes are off the charts, and there’s even a dance break in dashikis.

Dirty Projectors, “Keep Your Name”

It doesn’t get more somber than this. In the black-and-white clip, a seemingly brokenhearted Dave Longstreth sits alone at a table, doodles, plays the piano, squirms around on his couch before he starts to. smash. shit.