Game appeared on The Breakfast Club this morning to address the hot topic of the week, which happens to be his feud with Meek Mill.

While he does have an album arriving this month, titled 1992, the West Coast rhymer took time to discuss his feud with Meek, along with other topics.

Check out some of the highlights below:

Whether or not he is a Top 3 Los Angeles MC

“From Los Angeles, I gotta be. Overall, I would put myself in a three. If I had to pick three, I would say Kendrick [Lamar], you can’t leave him out, that kid is amazing and is very lyrical. I would definitely say Kurupt because of what he did at a time where West Coast cats wasn’t doing that, and me, I gotta throw myself in there because it’s unanimous.”

On the making of “Pest Control”:

“I wrote it in New York [at] Quad Studios and couldn’t wait to get here because I couldn’t find a studio in South Carolina. I was just like, I got to get to New York because I had these lyrics bubbling inside and when I wrote it, I felt the same feeling I felt when I was writing “300 Bars.” So I knew it was going to be something when I was done.”

On rumors that he has a ghostwriter:

“That’s crazy. I’m always that guy that gotta have a ghostwriter. It’s like, everybody says 50 wrote the first album yada yada yada. Well, 50 didn’t help write the second album and that second album still went multi-platinum. Shout to 50 because we chopped it up in L.A. and everything is all good. Then they say, Oh he had a ghostwriter on the second album. Then I did “500 Bars” and it’s always Game gotta have a ghostwriter man. I’m in the studio with my homies and I just got it off. You can’t ghostwrite what Game says because only I talk like that.”

On the infamous “Cut your mama’s mustache” line:

“There was a lot of things that I left out, where I could’ve went really Charlamagne Tha God.”

Charlamagne: But you was talking about shaving somebody’s mama’s mustache.

“That was far. It’s crazy because I don’t like to do mamas, but I did go to the ‘Gram and [saw that] she did have a mustache and thought it was fair play.”

On whether or not the diss track is a publicity stunt:

“I’ve sold 25 million I don’t understand how that’s possible. I don’t care if 1992 sell or don’t sell. For the last 15 years of my life, I’ve been getting money here and there and I’m still rich. I’m not going broke, ever. It’s not about album sales.”

On the rumored paperwork:

“The thing about that is there is not paperwork for talking to the police or implicating someone. It ain’t like I said, Yo he snitched on me, told the cops I had 15 bricks in my truck and I’m facing 25 to life. No, they had conversations with police officers in implicating my crew and me about that. So, police came to my house the day before I left to go on tour and they were asking questions based on what was told to them by these cats and there’s no paperwork drawn up on that.”