Chocolate Droppa may be soundtracking Kevin Hart’s new stand-up comedy special What Now? with a mixtape of the same name, but that doesn’t mean the two are on good terms. The rapper sat down with REVOLT to talk his former friendship with the self-proclaimed “comedic rockstar,” his ideal community college tour, rap battles and dream collaborations, irrelevant artists, recording in the studio alone, the skincare regimen that keeps him looking young at the age of 57, and Jay Z’s knees.

He blesses us with a freestyle, too.

Read excerpts and watch the interview in full below.

On his community college tour: That’s a fanbase that don’t get touched. Everybody go to the universities; don’t nobody go to the community college. Ya’ll think because it’s an age group of 18 to 75, that’s not a good demographic — well, it is. I got an email base right now of 352 people.

On his confidence: I’m a fuckin’ dragon. That’s me on Game of Thrones, blowing shit down.

On the variety of topics he raps about: If I was square, baby, I’m in every corner. If I’m an octagon, I touched every crease. If I’m a triangle, well then, there’s three points that I hit…. If you throw a shoe at door, what’s gon’ happen? C’mon man, it’s gon’ be a knock.