Starstruck: Style Loso's Way

  /  09.16.2016

Throughout his career Fab has consistently been effortlessly fly. While as we searched for photos we found some shaky moments; no fault of his own but rather a sign of the times. Overall Fab seldom deviates from his own personal style. Often he will experiment with different color schemes that make his outfits pop from the street to the red carpet. notably he’s always got a nice pair of shades and a clean shoe whether its sneakers, timbs, or dress shoes.

At the start of his career Fab established a look by being one of the leaders in wearing sports jerseys. He marked his style through color coordination and of course the jewelry. This is not to say the street of New York wasn’t already prive to his swag Fab just did it better than most. He took the term “Ghetto Fabolous” and truly made it his own each time. After taking a little break from the Jerseys today we see Fab up to his old tricks but “Levelled up” using sporting a slimmer fit that is more prevalent today but also taking us back to iconic moments paying home like the Fresh-Prince of BelAir and Aaliyah.

Kamylle Edwards

As time passed and he became a little older he sought to switch up his style like most. The transition between baggie jeans and a slim- straight fit hit the market in a remarkable way. Certain men weren’t going to adapt to the skinny jean ever but the slim straight cut was a perfect solution. Here we can see how fab distance himself from the slack to a more appealing fit in both sweatpants and denim. Not sure if sweats and denim are man’s favorite or a street favorite but we’re positive it’s origins are from the neighborhood. When he’s not showing off his high top fade you can catch him and a dope hat pretty much any day of the week. Once again he only scouts for products that make a statement as you can see a wool fedora, leather fitted and a young Og hat. Including neutral colors schemes with a pop and designer sneakers like Chanel, Ricardo tisci x nike, and Givenchy. The styles here are a prime example of high-end fashion adapting streetwear into their collections.

Kamylle Edwards

As Fall winter is steadily approaching we couldn’t avoid the fur. Some of us support it while others of us really hate it however you may feel you can’t deny that fur really looks good. Since day one Fab has been a fur connoisseur from chinchilla to mink you name it he has it. Still even with a statement piece like fur he takes the challenge of not doing too much and makes it look real simple. Using basic wardrobe items like a plain black or white t-shirt sometimes, printed pant sometimes not, timbs or sneakers. For Fab its a real easy formula that he swears by and each time hit outfits come together effortlessly and that’s the definition of swag. Here is to 15 years of killin’ it in fashion and bars.


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