Daytime television isn’t exactly known for booking rap stars, but Chance the Rapper’s wave is too big to ignore and Ellen DeGeneres has always been one of the more open-minded talkshow hosts, so their meeting of the minds was bound to pay off.

And it did.

On Thursday, Lil Chano stopped by the Ellen DeGeneres Show to perform “No Problems” and brought guests 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne, and a handful of dancers with him to wreak havoc on the stage that’d been reimagined as a faux corporate office within the make-believe “Generic Records” — an obvious nod to his refusal to sign to a major label and a performance idea that the rapper claimed many shows had rejected prior to Ellen.

The rowdy, high-energy show caught even Chance off-guard when Lil Wayne decided to switch up the lyrics on-the-spot (“And if Cash Money try to stop me / I’ma let ’em rob me / yeah right, like Ryan Lochte) and left young Chano literally shaking (as you’ll see in his post-performance sit-down interview).

Watch the trio have the time of their lives below.

And watch his interview with Ellen during which he explains his decision to stay indie.

The ever-gracious rapper also made sure to thank his guests, including the back-up dancers and frequent collaborator Donnie Trumpet (who served as a member of Chano’s live backing band) one-by-one, too.

During his stay on the show, the rapper also made time to lose to Ellen in table tennis.