Last year, Marvel teamed up with REVOLT to debut its first installment of hip-hop variants: comic book covers reimagined as classic and contemporary rap album covers. We saw Captain America as A$AP Rocky on Love.Live.A$AP., Dr. Strange on Dr. Dre’s The Chronic, Spiderman’s Miles Morales as Nas on Illmatic, Ms. Marvel as Lauryn Hill on The Miseducation of…, and more.

And now they’ve revealed the second collection that aims to combine the two worlds.

In Marvel’s latest round, we see:

Nova as Chance the Rapper from this year’s Coloring Book.

Jessica Jones as Kevin Gates from his debut album, this year’s Islah.

Luke Cage as LL Cool J from his 1987 LP, Bigger and Deffer (BAD).

The Champions as the Wu-Tang Clan from their fourth album, 2001’s Iron Flag.

Dr. Doom as Big Daddy Kane from his 1988 debut LP Long Live the Kane.

The Ultimates as Salt-N-Pepa from their 1986 debut album, Hot, Cool & Vicious.

Which is your favorite?