Jerrika Karlae is more than just Young Thug’s fiancee; she’s the beauty and brains behind her eponymous line, Karlae Swimwear. And as a new entrepreneur, the model recently spoke to REVOLT about industry obstacles, self-teaching herself lessons on design, her favorite cuts and styles, and straddling the line between being a trendsetter and a smart businesswoman.

The designer also shared her five swimwear styles and suggested the perfect woman to wear each.

Read an excerpt and watch the full interview below.

“I do think you have to pay attention to certain trends because of sales… I like a simple cut, [but] sometimes that’s not the wave at the moment…. When I relaunched this summer, there are swimsuits who some girls won’t even look at because they’re like, ‘That’s just not my style.’ So I would definitely say you have to just go with the flow, like whatever the wave is, you gotta hop on it and ride it. Some people like to be like, ‘No, this is my style, I’m gonna stick to it,’ but you have to be appealing to everybody. I’m really a big believer in that. I really want to make something that everybody likes…. You have to switch it up.”

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