Chris Brown has made some mistakes, but it's time to stop making him the villain

  /  09.02.2016

Throughout the evolution of entertainment and media, technology has brought fans closer to their idols more than ever before. Graduating from isolated television broadcasts to 24-hour access that lives in the palm of your hands, fans have been given the liberty to scrutinize or celebrate public figures at their free will. While each individual selects the content they choose to intake, media outlets serve as the puppet master in a show that disproportionately broadcasts negative over positive news.

Chris Brown’s attorney slams accuser and “fabricated” allegations

Given their influence, we often forget that celebrities are human until they pull a stunt that goes viral and we simply can’t turn a blind eye to it. In Chris Brown‘s case this came through deplorable behavior that he has paid for through apologies, sentencing, and a ton of nonstop bad press for almost a decade. We think it’s time to change the narrative.

Chris Brown gets back to the music, drops new song “What Would You Do?”

Brown’s bad boy persona has both helped and hurt his career. Although most of us believe the latter is true, one thing we can’t ignore is his immense talent. Releasing seven albums, launching a successful clothing line, and establishing himself as a fine artist — to name a few decorated characteristics — Brown is more than his mistakes.

Suge Knight sues Chris Brown over 2014 club shooting

Since the very start Brown has awed us with his dance moves. Often people like to compare him with musical genius Michael Jackson; older folks will say he is not as innovative while those of us who have grown up watching Brown argue he is the greatest male performer we’ve seen in this generation. Whatever your opinion is one cannot deny that his dancing coupled with his good looks mesmerize any audience. These performances to his most celebrated songs speak for themselves:

Part of the magic behind Brown is his ability to transform himself. He constantly experiments with his music. CB entered the music industry at 15 years old with nothing but R&B and expanded his repertoire to house, pop, and rap. Over his career he’s garnered Billboard Awards, BET Awards, a Grammy, American Music Awards, and NAACP Awards to name a few. Furthermore he’s had 61 songs chart the Billboard Hot 100, proving once again that the people can’t deny “That boy good.”

Within the last few years Brown has shown a different side of himself to his fans with his art, describing art as his chance to release and emote in a constructive way. He details his collaborative experiences with other artists and let’s not forget paints special pieces for those closest to him like Tyga and French Montana. He really shows off his talents, giving his fans yet another reason to take pride in supporting his work.

Chris Brown is no stranger to trouble but has a lot more to offer than negative news we frequently see about him. His fans are able to see his work from multiple perspectives with each angle giving a more genuine view of the man he has become: a devoted father, dedicated artist, and one of the greatest performers of our time.


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