“Your Number” is not a new song, to be clear. But like the little engine that could, it built steam and made its way around the entire world, garnering remixes by Fetty Wap and Chris Brown and Kid Ink before the American music video even dropped. Today, REVOLT is proud to premiere the video, a testament to the growing influence of Afrobeats music.

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From the set of the video, Nigerian-born Ayo Jay told REVOLT, “The sound of my music is called finesse music. I finesse it all day. Finesse music is pretty much me sounding good across all genres.” And while this is true, by way of definition, Afropop, or Afrobeats, is a fusion of African traditional music, hip-hop, and R&B — and Ayo Jay’s smooth vocals are the glue that hold it all together.

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The video itself, shot in Los Angeles, plays off of the organic way the song became a hit: people loving the song and uploading videos of themselves dancing to it. Ayo puts out a call for the best videos, with the prize being the chance to party with the man himself.

Ayo Jay doesn’t take the popularity for granted. “To be embraced out here in America, to be played on American radio is a blessing man because not a lot of people do that from where I’m from,” he said. “You know I’m from Africa, we make Afrobeats music. It’s just crossing over right now. I feel great to be one of the pioneers of Afrobeats, one of the guys that’s bringing Afrobeats into America and trying to make it mainstream.”

Here’s our behind-the-scenes footage:

Insider Access | Ayo Jay “Your Number”

And here’s the official video, now in rotation on REVOLT: