TMZ is reporting that police have been at Chris Brown’s home since 3 a.m., after a woman called 911 saying the singer pulled a gun on her. Meanwhile, Brown has issued a series of Instagram posts defending himself, maintaining his innocence, and stating that the police are continually targeting him unfairly.

In the first post, Brown said he was asleep half the night, and when he woke up helicopters were circling his home and police were outside the gate.

Come on my n-gga, what the f-ck else do yall want from me, bro? I stay out of the way, take care of my daughter, do work. I don’t even f-ck ugly b-tches, trifling b-tches, whatever the f-ck it is. I’m not on that, bro. I’m way too tired in the morning to be dealing with this bullsh-t. … Every three months y’all come up with something else. What’s gon be next? … At the same time, when I call the police, for stalker people that are endangering my life, they don’t come til the next day.Let someone make a f-cked up ass allegation about me, and oh yeah, the whole SWAT team. My n-gga, I’m innocent; I’m tired of hearing this sh-t.

In the second post, his anger becomes even more acute, as he calls the police a gang and says if they get a warrant to search his home, they won’t find anything.:

And all this news shit y’all ain’t doing nothing but givin’ me better publicity. How old is it gonna be? Come on my n-gga, I’m tired of this sh-t. “Barricaded myself in my house”? Have you seen my house? I’ma barricade myself in a palace. “I’m not coming out!” For what? I ain’t did sh-t, ain’t gon do sh-t, and it’s always gon be f-ck the police. Black lives matter, n-gga. Y’all gon stop playing with me like I’m the villain out here, like I’m going crazy. I’m not. You guys got me f-cked up though, so good luck. When you get the warrant or whatever you need to do, you gon walk right in here and you gon see nothing, you idiots! I’m tired of f-cking dealing with y’all. Y’all the worst gang in the world: the police. And I said it. F-ck you.

And in the third post, Brown blames the media for being incendiary and dragging his name through the mud. Brown is a person before a celebrity, he’s saying, and anyone in his position would be justifiably angry as well; being politically correct is out the window.:

And while we on my promo kick, let me not forget to say, “Go stream/download/buy “Grass Ain’t Greener,” video out. Ironic how I put a crazy video out, right, and then you got a bullsh-t ass story.

I don’t give a f-ck. I’m not running for politics. … All y’all can suck a fart out my ass for all I care. What I do care about is y’all defacing my name as a person and my character and integrity. I am a father, I am one of the best entertainers out here — without bragging and tryna say, ‘Woe is me, I don’ t get enough credit.” And all you n-ggas know know I’m y’all daddy, n-gga. So at the end of the day, I’m tired of this sh-t. I’m up at 6 — it’s 7-something in the morning — talking this sh-t, for something I didn’t do. How would you feel? F-ck this fame sh-t; I’m a real n-gga. F-ck y’all.