That Moment When: "Power" Episode 307

  /  08.29.2016

If you wondered whether things could get any worse for Ghost, the answer is yes. In Power Episode 307, “Don’t Go,” we saw that he can’t get up early enough in the morning to pull one over on Milan. It looks like he and Tommy have no choice but to work for the Serbians, and while he thinks he can trust Dre, Kanan is closing in on his other side. His club deal with the Bassets was slipping away, his ties with Angela are putting her in a dangerous position, and Tariq is getting even more out of hand. Let’s get into it!

That moment when Tasha opened her big mouth:

We all knew Tasha was going to let it slip about the baby. She was so pressed! But I really thought she would keep her mouth shut a little bit longer than this. She wasted no time telling Tommy, who is already in a fragile state, that Holly was pregnant with his baby. Now Tommy is just spiraling into an abyss of guilt and regret, and as Milan found it, he has nothing to lose. At first I couldn’t believe Tommy was getting his butt kicked like that by Milan’s henchmen, but it became clear that he felt he deserved it. Tommy’s going to be the wild card going forward, for sure. —Driadonna Roland

So Ghost’s life officially officially sucks.

It has been out of whack for some time now, but I can now honestly say that he is failing in every single form of life. Simultaneously losing Karen Bassett’s hotel business legally while Milan is taking over your drug business illegally paired along with your name being casually dropped multiple times in a dirty Fed case debriefing would be enough L’s for a normal man but not Ghost. Even Tariq had 0 chill, trying to talk about his father’s side chick while he’s being lectured about fighting! The only saving grace Ghost has is Tasha and it was nice to see them put their heads together and be a team again. —Lawrence K. Jackson

The most shocking moment was definitely when Tariq disrespected his father.

I couldn’t believe that when Ghost asked him to apologize to his mother for raising his hand to her (which was crazy) the next thing that came out of Tariq’s mouth was, “Like you had me apologize to your side bitch, Angela?” Lord only knows how I flinched when I heard those words leave his mouth. At that point I was scared for his life and well-being because Tariq has been disrespectful to his parents for some time now. Although Ghost grabbed him up and instantly felt bad about the way he handled things, I think it’s safe to say that Tariq despises his father. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kanan used Tariq as an outlet to get back at Ghost. After all, Kanan’s plan is to take from Ghost what he took from him, and that was his son. —Amber Mackie

Power airs Sundays on Starz at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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