First Thoughts: Tink "Winter's Diary 4"

  /  08.26.2016

Tish Hyman dropped an album; I got worried. Dreezy dropped her album; I got scared. But now Tink is back! It’s not a debut album, yet, but we’ll accept her latest mixtape installment gladly.

Winter’s Diary 4 opens with Tink playing therapist to herself. She narrates her notes: “Client seems very disturbed, extremely emotional at times. … What I’m gonna need from you, Tink, I’m gonna need you to just elaborate and open up a little bit more.” What follows are 14 personal and intimate songs (including two interludes) that indeed span the gamut of emotions. Tink switches melodiously between rapping and singing, sharing her deepest thoughts over production from her mentor Timbaland and Jahlil Beats, among others. Lil Durk is the only feature, which is optimal because honestly, we’re still trying to get a sense of who Tink is. Upon first listen, these are some standout tracks:

“Show It”

It was hard for me to even make it past the third song because I kept replaying it. Tink articulates the frustration you experience when a relationship is hitting a rough patch, but instead of communicating and trying to work it out, your partner just shuts down. “We’re going through a phase, I don’t recognize your face anymore / You hate it when I cry, but you never ask me why.” I felt like I bonded with Tink on this one.

“Be Single (interlude)”

I appreciate Tink’s raw honesty through the entire project. She doesn’t have it all figured out; she has the same questions about relationships that we all have. Here, she tells dude he can’t have the benefits of a relationship but still move like he’s single. “It don’t work like that,” she says, which is what you really should say when you find yourself in a “situationship,” knowing you want more.


This one is a fun bop. It’s not emotional, it’s not dramatic, it’s just about that moment when you’re a little tipsy, you’re feeling ~a way~ and all you know is the person in your line of vision is about to get it; might not even make it home first.

“What Is Real”

Whenever a song opens with “Don’t you hate it when…” you can rest assured it’s about to get real. Tink sums dating up in one line: “I wanna f-ck with you but you be on some other…” She gets into the embarrassment and trepidation that follow when you think you met the one, but it’s really just a f-ckboy who came through to mess up your life and then leave. It’s just one more song that you’ll listen to and think to yourself, You too, Tink? I had a hallelujah moment.

Listen to Winter’s Diary 4 here and tell us what you think:


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