The #SoGoneChallenge has come full circle. Chance the Rapper may have initially piqued our interest and Damian Lillard may have jumped on the bandwagon, but the buck stops here as the Twitter competition returns back to originator Monica.

The challenge, which asked social media users to freestyle over the beat of Monica’s 2003 hit “So Gone,” found its way back home today when both the singer and super-producer Missy Elliott (who created the original beat) reunited in the studio to participate in the competition.

And if you thought that, 13 years later, Monica would no longer be the type to “kick down ya door and smack ya chick,” you’d be wrong.

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“‘Memba that? When I used to scrap / Used to have to rap or slap all them chicks for talkin’ smack / Monica will still snap / Kick down doors until my heels crack / Now I’m making racks while they rappin’ on my old tracks.”

“So gone, ya’ll the type of chicks I keep my eyes on / Ay girl, get your own man, leave mine alone / Mrs. Brown, don’t make me have to bring the me back / I snatch off your edges, make you wonder where your weave’s at.”

“Believe that, I’m the M-O-N-I-C-A / freestyle in one take, I represent the ‘A’ / Heard it was a ‘So Gone’ challenge / Man, I said, no way / Song still bang like we in 20-0-3.”

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Watch Monica freestyle (with a cameo from Missy herself) below.